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April 30, 2012



I'd actually like to know how these animals are being treated humanely.

If you fail at picking one up doesn't the container drop hard enough to cause trauma to the fish/amphibian inside?


That's actually a "green spotted puffer", an extremely common freshwater fish you can find in pretty much any pet store in the world. The fugu is the "tiger blowfish" which is completely different.


Siye: You can't actually pick up the containers; they're too heavy. The best you can do is hope to scoot them over to the green astroturf in the center. If you can do that, they unlock the machine and take it out for you. So no big drops for these guys.

Rukes: thanks for the info! It's called a "midori-fugu" ("green fugu") in Japanese, though. "Fugu" is pretty much used for any puffer here.


I once saw little turtles in a crane game in Seoul. It was january. many of the turtles were stuck in the half inch later of ice that was the surface of the water. wiggling their little legs. very sad.

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