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January 25, 2012



This is the best news I've had all day! But it won't be the last guidebook to Japan I'll ever need, not unless you do a Kaiju Attack!, a Ghibli Attack!, and a Shigeru Mizuki Attack! And then those would probably be followed by, Copyright Infringement Lawyers Attack!



Regarding the revised edition of Ninja Attack, it reminds me I wanted to ask a couple things about that worthy tome (hopefully not too late!):

Did you happen to catch later that you have the wrong constellation for Polaris (the North Star) in Ninja Attack? Polaris is in Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper), not Ursa Major. :)

Were you aware that ninja have sometimes been implicated in helping incite the Bakumatsu?

Lastly, there was also a typo on President Buchanan's name. :)

Anyway, looking forward to the next Attack! What's next now? I'm hoping for Kaijuu Attack... :D


Congrats, guys!



I'm glad to hear that Yokai Attack will be back in print too--I waited waayyy too long and then missed out on it.


Thanks for all the support! We had a blast putting it together and hope you have as much fun reading it.

Bry, thanks a million for the editing work! We caught several of those typos already and a few more to boot, but the constellation info is new to me -- can you email me about what page are you talking about? Not sure we can fix at this late date, but we're game to try.

Gilles Poitras


Time to get my order in.


Matt: glad to help! I'll look up that page ASAP and let you know. :)

Adam t

Are you going to come San Francisco again for a release talk?


Would absolutely love to, if New People (or anyone else!) is interested in having me!


Congrats on the book!

I once saw this one guy in Tokyo shambling down the street with eyes rolled back, moaning, "Yuuuureeiii."
So, perhaps they do exist...


Whoops. Commented on the wrong post. :( Doh!

A new book! Beauty!

I recommend this place (If you haven't been).

Virginia V.

AWESOME BOOK! I have all 3 of the Attack Series and this one is my favourite one! I thought I knew a lot about Yureis but I was wrong. I really love the way you do a lot of research and put original woodblock prints to back your work. There are so many version of some of these stories, it’s a good thing to keep everything simple and just give one example (I’m pretty sure it’s was hard to decide which one to give). Congrats to both of you and I hope there are more of these to come (for example, on Oni or Deities... even if deities don't really "attack"). Japan has such a rich culture, I’m sure that you will find plenty of inspirations to keep us buying your books!


Thanks for the kind words! We do have some other projects in the works, but they're quite a ways out from being finished. Stay in touch!

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