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October 12, 2010



I missed seeing this at the Roxy in SF by *one* day - I was disappointed ... now I'm heartbroken!

Gilles Poitras

Damn it! I was dubious about this one and was planning on holding off on getting it.

I'll place my order today.


Heh that guy with the bucktooth looks a little like Eric Idle.

Man, where there's a will to get a bunch of middle aged men to dress up in military uniforms for a monster movie, there's a way.

Steve Harrison

You must watch The Mysterians over and over to learn how to properly be a gaijin extra with a speaking role. I recommend the scene when they start using the Markalites.

"Give them the ray!"

Also, you need some horn rimmed glasses. The cool frameless kind (or the uber gay 'little hipster' style) are usually reserved for villain and Men With Secret Agendas.


>>"Heh that guy with the bucktooth looks a little like Eric Idle."

That's Nabe Yakan, seemingly in every B movie this country has to offer (and if I sound jealous, it's because I am. :)

>>"You must watch The Mysterians over and over..."

Now you're sounding like Patrick Macias!

Abraham Lincoln

Some of the expressions are priceless.

The CronoLink

Now where have I seen that face before? Ah yes, of course.



Ha! Actually, I am pretty sure the suit is the same used in Kiba-Kichi (based on the manga by Tatsuya Morino, who illustrated Yokai Attack!)



I did a commercial that ran for a year and I got a bento and a 5,0000yen gift card..!?


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