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August 30, 2010



Mmmmm, those love simulation game freaks don't want to get any "damage"... I wish those kind of people will decrease in near future... Oh, Japan, where are you going?


yeah, this is what you get when people learn TOO much from another's mistakes. They see someone they know go through the wringer because of a relationship failing, and see only how-bad-it-could-be... and they don't know how to calculate the odds of success. For these people, once there is a human analogue 'droid that will act in concert to the loveplus software, they won't need a real human.

Not sure this matters in the genepool, but it could be a problem in a localized way...


So very unfortunate wow that's so repressed.
Is procreation really that far gone and in trouble?

Scary the child population is almost nonexistent, creepy how even some of the playgrounds
are like empty and just like something from the zombie world. sad dude just sad

Bruce Lewis

Real Men do not allow themselves to be dominated by women or forced down any bracketing pathway of doom. A real man takes the lead role in a "real relationship" and controls the course of his life.

Of course, since we killed off pretty much all of the Real Men in Japan 1941-45, one can hardy be surprised at the decadent and effete nation we see today. Quelle dommage.


Gee we all know who's very fault that really is, the Japanese for sure! それは全て日本人の

Bruce Lewis

Sorry, friend. I didn't mean to imply blame; I only meant to state an unfortunate fact. しかたがないね。


Never say しかたがない--hate that word or just end up being at the bottom of the toilet, not what I want brother! Everything is just so 最悪 you know it's like that alternative 1985 from Back to the Future :-(
怖いよ! やばい!


At least I mean don't say しかたがない so easily。
It saddens me so

It's time to make things better not worse dude!

Real life is ぜったい 重要な!
I mean gee...
Why can't people just marry, have a family, procreate like nature intended and live and enjoy life, which is one life you really only have!
A ばかたれ idiot getting married to a computer character is just 非常に阿呆 最低! 


Bearing in mind that I don't play dating simulators, haven't fathered any children,and have never been married, I've gotta say, the math seems pretty accurate to me. I used to be the only single guy at my old job, and all of my male co-workers were victims of the exact same paradigm(although many of them had simply fathered children and had messy breakups with the mothers) but nevertheless, it was a pretty sobering environment. In fact, a common joke was to ask each other how much their paycheck was, the punchline being that they all got the same $187.50 a week after child support being taken out. You could tell yourself, "It won't happen to me", but how often does such a mindset lead to disaster?
Also, using 日本語 within the context of an english conversation(except when giving a name or proper title of something) is すごいださい。


This chart represents such an easy target that I suspect even the person who posted it intended it as tongue in cheek. Though that certainly hasn't stopped Western media from over-analyzing the phenomenon either:


(Note that this "trend" consists of a bus of 12 guys...)


that's too true, Matt... but it's also a lot of whistling past the graveyard... because a lot of people are opting out of marriage and children in the industrialized world. Not only are a lot of women choosing not to have children because of careers they wish to persue, many men have realized that there may be a distinct downside to being the 'family man'. It's not like I can tell my teenager to get married someday when he has whitnessed how his mom wrecked me.

This is a comical outlier of a much more serious problem that nobody but Asimov realized we would have. Given sufficient wealth and comfort, we stop feeling the need for human companionship, because we can simulate it.


Humanity is I fear lost for sure, and people don't care so much about nature's intention for procreation


More countries should reduce their population. Better for the environment. Right now the world is approaching environmental disaster, and yet the world population is still growing enormously.

Google says that Japan's population is only shrinking by a mere 0.1% per year. That's not a fast enough drop. I think the world could use a 30% population drop.


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