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January 01, 2010



holy fuck pat, that is an awesome find, I hope you can post some screen caps or something.


That is astounding... thanks for sharing.


just incredible. Many thans for this material!!!

Luis Alis

Awesome. My first robot plastic model kits from Japan were Macross and Mospeada Imai kits which ended up somehow at a hobby store in Spain in the late eighties. I still have them. This brings back a lot of memories.


Imai, Arii, and Bandai released "localized" (in fact: Japanese box + instructions + Engrish black and white instructions) versions of some of their kits in Europe in the 1980s.

Luis Alis

Thomas, thanks for the info! So that's how it happened. :)

Andy Wong

Wow! This is really fantastic!
The X-files of one of 80's great mecha anime!


WOW!!! I hadn't been here in awhile, this reminds me why I need to read you more regularly. Thanks for posting!!!

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