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June 30, 2009


Steve Harrison

It seems to be going from bad to worse, doesn't it? Full steam ahead on a project of questionable long term use, value or impact because NOW NOW NOW anime/manga is TEH HOT overseas!

Except, of course, they're looking at it from roughly 2004 or thereabouts.


And of course, who exactly judges what anime GOES into a 'hall of fame', huh? Grendizer, to attract flocks of tourists from Italy? Ghibli Ghibli Ghibli to cater to the American snooty nosed "I like aaaarrt" fan? Endless 'robot cat' items that most of the world looks at and goes "um, huh?"

No Tatsunoko because Takara/Tomy won't play nice. And forget anything from Reed.

Of course, we get to that 'give a man a fish/teach him to fish' problem because throwing the total amount of this thing at the animation studios would only lessen the core problem for now, MAYBE another year, then it's right back to the dumper. I still say that unless they find more sources of sponsorship to create competition, nothing can change.

Tim Eldred

Is studio cooperation necessary for this venture? There must be plenty of private collectors like us who would be overjoyed to have a destination for all their stuff. No corporate involvement needed there.

On the other hand, if you want an anime museum you don't have to look much farther than Nakano Broadway. Except the exhibits are almost all for sale.

If the government could be talked out of this, how would the money be fairly distributed to the people who actually need it? Is it welfare for individuals that slowly dribbles down to nothing over time, or is it investment in studios to help them shore up infrastructure that will last? Who decides which studio gets how much? Or does it all go into a giant interest-earning pension fund for animators? And who administers that?

I'm sure practical answers are out there, I just haven't seen any evidence yet of anyone asking these questions.


I haven't read the proposal, but I suspect the studios aren't being asked to contribute much if anything other than materials. The thinking seems to be that if this money's THERE, why not spread it to those who really need it? I'm sure it's a lot easier to gin up government support for a PR-friendly museum effort than it is to "reorganize the entire domestic anime industry."

Incidentally, check out this blog. It's written by an anime industry insider who is questioning JANICA's anime industry salary reports, because those who actually DO make a living wage aren't bothering to respond to the questionnaires (including herself):


Her tone is a little too pro-status-quo for my tastes but is a very interesting counterpoint to the negative press coming out of the industry right now. Worth keeping an eye on.


For those just checking in now, the plans for the anime hall of fame (aka National Media Arts Center) were cancelled pretty much the minute Prime Minister Hatoyama took office a few weeks back.

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