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April 16, 2009


John Ashline

I have been in a very robot mood today! This post just makes me more robot-ish! Thanks for posting this! It's awesome!!


sorry, but this is ridiculous.
it moves slowly, below 5 mph or so.
its claw doesn't crab anything because it can't..

this is junk. scrap metal.

MY GOD, what did you build it for!!!!!

please, another time, use your skill (you got some) for something useful!

men, think of god...


Well besides I see more complaints than appreciations... For me, it is an eye-opener.

That guy have the resources (skills and money).

Besides, Japanese usually create something innovative. We, westerners focuses more on practical uses. Well, I'm not saying who is better here, but, a great inventor such as Edison always starts with crazy ideas like this~


I just see the InsectLabStudio.
This is really amazing!


I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

Seriously cool, well done!


And American comic book fanboys wonder why Otaku get all the chicks: While fanboys are arguing about superhero continuity, otaku are building giant robots in their garage!


I love how everyone is saying this is representative of "otaku" culture, but really, it's representative of the tokusatsu culture.


I dunno, there are plenty of giant mecha bugs in anime, too -- the Time Bokan series in particular:



(And besides, who says otaku culture and tokusatsu culture aren't interrelated? :)

Steve Harrison

I see it as version 1.0. clearly with Government funding (or a good research lab with a secret headquarters near Mt. Fuji) it could become the unstoppable death machine we all yearn for.

And where is the robot that Pepsi was renting some time back? DEATH DUEL!

(seriously, if WAVE doesn't bust out a plastic kit of this I will probably cry)


This is what walk around Yokohama today.


I'm sorry I missed that!

Bucket Trucks

that's good, I saw it.


There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating; people who know absolutely everything, and people who know absolutely nothing.

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What an awesome looking insect lol

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