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December 04, 2008



did you play MGS2? If I recall correctly Sunny's mother died and so did Otacon's little sister. Otacon cared for Sunny's mother and wanted to take care of her daughter I believe. He may have even promised to do that. Also, Sunny is sort of a second chance for Otacon to be a big brother. I see what you are getting at but think you are over-thinking it.


I'd just like to note that Char Aznable is a dirty lolicon as well. Think of poor Haman Karn!

Also his relationship with Quess in Char's Counterattack was pretty sketch.

Matt Alt

>>you are over-thinking it

An introverted adult male otaku attended by an eager-to-please little girl in a maid outfit is about as moé as it gets. You just don't see much of this kind of thing abroad -- or even in Japanese only a decade or so ago -- yet the imagery pops up in recent Japanese anime, comics, and games again and again. In fact I'd go so far as to say only a Japanese developer would shoehorn a character like this into a combat sim in the first place. Is it wrong? It isn't my thing, but that's neither here nor there. Is it emblematic of a subcultural trend in Japan? Absolutely.

Incidentally, the pic Kotaku used of Sunny in their link to this post doesn't exactly help the cause of my critics...



Hey, I'm just glad she finally learned to make eggs.

David Cabrera

>Also, Sunny is sort of a second chance for Otacon to be a big brother.

LITTLE SISTER, EH. That common otaku fetish! I don't think there's anything else that this relationship could be.


Ah - so that's what happened to Sheryl Mason after Silent Hill...


Looking at the image on Kotaku, the main problem with Sunny is that she's too realistic looking. Only weak otaku fall for that!!

sigh :(

Steve Harrison

Wow, you're taking some serious hate over there, Matt...

You should know by now that people are afraid of understanding THE TRUTH, and are vastly ignorant of context and history.


It's easy to ruffle the feathers of devoted fans. But that wasn't the point in the first place. One of the things that really struck me about the Kotaku comments was the number of people who attempted to defend the relationship with a description of the plot points that had led up to it, as though the situation was objective fact rather than something that sprang from the minds of the people who created the game.

Of course it "works" in the context of the game story -- it's a created fiction. The point is that we can't help but leave traces of ourselves in the things we create, and from that standpoint the Otacon-Sunny relationship is emblematic of a cultural shift that's occurred over the last decade here.


Wow, Matt....it's almost as bad as when you knocked over the "boutique vinyl" hornet nest...;)


I don't know why people are wanting to lynch matt over this, cause he's just pointing out something and voicing his opinion. And moe isn't so bad as long as it isn't being forced upon us like some sort of evil looming presence like it is today. There;s balance, and a time and place for everything.


"I don't know why people are wanting to lynch matt over this"

Such is the nature of the internets. The nonsensical manufacturing of outrage.


I think that the funniest thing about that Kotaku thread is that some posters seem to be assuming that Matt is some basement-dwelling American luser who just wants to bash MGS4 using stereotype views about Japanese society...

It's like the epitome of the "clueless fan" who can't be bothered by facts (like, for example, that Matt actually lives in Japan, unlike them...) and therefore spills their idiot ramblings onto anyone disagreeing with them.

Steve Harrison

There's also the harsh denial aspect. See, they don't want to be 'judged' for what they like, and Matt seems to be throwing down implications they don't wish to acknowledge.

Rather like all the pedobears and the fanatic defense of their fav lolicon manga and dojinshi.

Plus, of course, let's not forget that on the internets, 'piling on' is KEWL because see, if this guy is hating on someone and you agree with him, why, you're his FRIEND, and if the post repies weigh more towards hate than agreement (understanding? *pffff* not even on the chart) well then, nobody is going to want to seem to be on the 'losing' side, right? At least not if you're an insecure AmeriOtaku ℠ who knows EVERYTHING about Japan because you read all the right game magazines and crap.

Here, let me spout massive ignorance of the game. I predict that the next version out Sunny will be a playable character, and she'll be older (with noticeable breasts) dressed in a mix of combat and fetish gear, and will be a total bad-ass yet still MOE. And probably have to rescue Solid Snake from something.

There, how's that? :)


That's Raiden's role...DUN DUN DUN!

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