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September 29, 2008


Marxy Inc.

Do these not feel C3PO-heavy to you? I guess they tried to push the "robot" angle in Japan.

Matt Alt

Definitely. There's only one human in any of the illustrations, and she's about to get pulped.

Come to think of it, when I saw the film as a kid, I only paid attention to the robots and monsters myself.


LOl @ the praying Darth Vader with the tiny orange hands... more like Dark Helmet!


The card with the Leia/C3PO juxtaposition includes some yellowish splatter/bubbles that makes me think the artist was attempting to indicate that the shyborg ish a bit shnockered - and judging from Leia's eyes I'd say he's hit her in the head once already.


Praying Darth Vader is possibly even scarier than the real character. Combine that with "red-sunglasses-hand-near-crotch" C3PO and pink Death Star, and it all looks very disturbing.

Also, why does Chewbacca wear lipstick? Or is it his hidden sister Chewbaccina?
And what is that pink thing in front of Chewie and the Stormtrooper?


You weren't far off on the Micronaut joke, that's a Takara Timanic Space Traveller:


I'm pretty sure I've seen the art they copied it from somewhere in the Timanic promo ads or catalogs. That's some amazing historical knockoff art there, very Suckadelic indeed! I want to see this movie now...

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