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August 12, 2008



You're right, happiness _is_ the giant salamander festival. I feel happy just reading about it.

(Next year, I dare you to run in front of one of those floats with a Millenium Falcon toy.)

Gilles Poitras

Very cool. Looks like a lovely place to visit.


Some of those people even have jackets with a salamander-shaped 'S' on the back.

Wait, are those white kimonos with baby salamanders on them?


Damn, that looks fun. So jealous.

BTW, "daasonrima"?

Matt Alt

Read it backwards: MARINE SODA! (It's like melted kakigori.)

And yeah, those are indeed salamander-festooned yukata. The perfect sort of gear for a giant salamander festival. I didn't have a yukata, but I was sporting a Mont Bell oosanshouo shirt:



"Read it backwards: MARINE SODA!"

Hah! Didn't even notice that!

That's a kickass shirt, by the way. Gimme that over "Evisu" ANY day of the week. Just please stay away from the Crocs on that site...


OK why has no one compared the float to the ALIEN QUEEN?!

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