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August 22, 2008





That is a trademarked image that you are using above and I am SO telling Lucasfilm on you.


At least the comments you two get are entirely innocent (if somewhat clueless). My last name sounds like a certain Middle Eastern last name, and if people make a reading mistake closely ressembles another Middle Eastern name (it's actually of German origin).
In these post-911 times this has gotten me my fair share of suspicious/disapproving looks, even after spelling out/explaining my name (and then some people still get it wrong...). Apparently because of "white guy + 'muslim' name = potential terrorist". People just don't think when it comes to this kind of thing, and sometimes it's just hurting.


In the States, I'm usually associated with Dwight Eisenhower or...Ike Turner *_*;

But it is also a character in the Fire Emblem series, and it is also that baby's name in South Park.

In Japan, it was the name of a consumer loan company, which later renamed itself to something hilarious like "Dic".

So is it a common name or not? Hard to tell.

Gilles Poitras

That should be MISTRESS YODA!

ismail cakir

same as my story, my name is ismail and i cant take mail user from various mail providers like hotmail. Coz it has a reserved word "mail" in it. how can i write ismail without mail :D

Lady Misty

I know of a man who's last name is Bytheway. And one day at the airport the clerk asked him if he was going to name his son Owen.

I'm not kidding about his last name. You can look him up on Amazon. John Bytheway.

In a class the teacher asked us to make a family. One of the boys "married" a woman named 'Computer' and named one of the children 'Delete'. The teacher used his family in the lesson and in the lesson poor Delete gets run over by a car and gets deleted from exsistates.

Abel Goddard

I always get, Where's Cain? Or, Are you ready and willing? My response is, I'm 33 years old, I've only heard that question about 900,000 times, thanks for being original.

Darth Brooks

I can no longer be googled because I share a name with a recent school-shooting mass-murderer. WTF


I think the last name is nice.

I've heard of a gentleman whose actuall last name was (french pronoiciation) (Jauhn Boocraa) In english it looks like John Buttcrak. No joke, not kidding, it was a service call, but had the gentle man pronounce his own w/o trying to tackle it alone.

My ownh family name is a kicker, it gets it's share of mispronouciations and twists.

Ms Yoda, be proud of your name and don't change it, it's awesome, lil' green muppet or not. YOUR family are the originals.

Richard Vanbergen

Yoda is an awesome name. If you don't want it can I have it?

My girlfriend had a Friend Joe Suzuki (Joe is what he calls himself in English) which sounds like a hero from an action movie.

There was a guy in my college when I was younger called "Ben Dover" which being in secondary school quickly got changed into "Bend Over".

To be honest I manipulate most people names for a joke, nothing nasty just little private jokes between friends. Girl friends name is Mai Takeyama, and with Mai sounding like "my" in English we play with that a lot.

The Japanese seem to think my name is funny (Vanbergen) but I can't figure out why. Any ideas?

nova girl

my namee is nova and when i worked at a rent a car place in the eighties, people would say I want the car that wil go, and that is you. IN SPANISH NOVA MEAN 'DONT GO' ..thank God they dont make Chevy Nova's anymore..


The Star Wars character Yoda is pronounced with a long "o" in English as well. How do pronounce it in Japanese?


Sorry I missed your comment. The SW character "Yoda" is pronounced with a long "o" vowel in Japanese: ようだ。The common Japanese family name is pronounced with a more clipped よだ。

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