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May 05, 2008



Wow! a cautionary tale!

you know, here in the Philippines some cosplayers have been participating in publicity parades organized by local Japanese food chains in malls during weekends, so far nothing negative has happened. hopefully nothing will.


Otaku need to get organized, get tattoos, buy trucks, scream at everybody, and then they can do whatever they want and the police would be powerless to stop them.

Gilles Poitras

I've still got two old AnimEigo Lum temporary tattoos in a drawer at home. I'm ready to climb on board a decotora with a Goku Midnight Eye motif and start up the loadspeakers to play the Yamato theme at high volume.


>>Otaku need to get organized

As you might expect, the harshest critics of the otaku appear to be other otaku. As the following (Japanese-language) link shows, more than a few of them are as annoyed by the extreme elements as the cops. It's hard to imagine anyone pulling a stunt with toy guns like this in America:


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