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April 26, 2008



Hooray for maids!

And to think, we used to joke about the job of "bikini inspector".


From sewage to maids. I see a trend developing. The universe is speaking to you, bub. It's saying: Clean up your act, Alt!


Sadly, I'm more excited about the prospect of watching the sewer segment than I am about the one featuring the attractive young girls - hope it'll be up on YouTube soon!


Nothing sad about that -- the whole Akihabara maid scene gets endless coverage these days (so much so, actually, that it's really easy to forget just what a tiny subculture they really represent). On the other hand, the sewer segment is a window into a part of Tokyo that affects everyone's lives yet very rarely sees the light of day. Literally and figuratively!


I have a question, why are gaijin who speak some Japanese always gagging to be on tv in Japan? Does it pay well?


sorry, forget the troll comment.
I would like to see Tokyo's sewers too.


Wow, the first maid is actually cute.

I usually don;t find them as such.

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