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March 04, 2008



Wow, I did not know that. It's not like I use mixi that much, but that's gotta suck for some people I guess.

Myspace went through a similar thing when Murdock bought it, but I think the Term of Use has been changed since.


It will be interesting to see how Mixi responds to the criticism. It's equally interesting to see that Japanese users are starting to demand the same sorts of digital rights to their content that Western users do.

Gen Kanai

The date on the Mixi website is April 1. Some folks are speculating that this is a bad April Fool's joke, but I doubt it. If Kasahara thinks he can get away with this not being a material impact to his business, he's wrong. Gree is doing well recently and so there's a place for people to go if they don't like Mixi's privacy policies.


Will there ever be a SNS service that people do not tire of eventually?


This is a real issue.

I heard that information in mixi has been used by the police for several cases but the new privacy policies are really not acceptable.

Somebody need to do something. I cannot write well Japanese but I suggest to start create communities against the new privacy policies. We do not have a lot of time. April 1st is not April fool for sure. It is the first quarter of the Japanese fiscal year.

For those who can write Japanese, please start to make communities informing all mixi users about the change and let start to make petitions within those communities. The more petitions we will get, the more media coverage we might have and they might change their privicy policies.


Early this week I read something about how intelectual property rights applied all the time, so when you post or publish something that you wrote anywhere, your copy rights are automatically preserved.

Is this mistaken? Any light in the face of the darkness of blatant theft? Because that is what it looks like.


It's less about a content grab, I think, and more about the fact that legal boilerplate like that just looks bad. It's the digital equivalent of putting up a barbed wire fence around your house right before a party -- it doesn't exactly endear Mixi to the people they're trying to convince to use their site.


Update: as of several days ago, Mixi has backtracked and revised the offending Clause 18 of their TOC to definitively that state that "all rights (including copyright and personal-usage rights) for content belong to the user that created it."

We'll probably never know exactly how much of this change is due to the users making their anger heard on the site and through outside blogs, but it's interesting to note that changes like this aren't slipping through the machine unnoticed. So much for the stereotype of Japanese consumers being a herd of sheep!


Okay, seriously, when I initially heard about Mixi I was excited, until I heard that you have to be invited, and then that the rules changed more to exclude foreign people. I've lost interest in trying to join up with a networking site that wants to link people yet exclude others. I would have liked to practice my Japanese there, but forget it. I'm not that desperate. Myspace, Facebook, I'll use those. The Japanese society is obviously sending a message to all those outside of Japan. And if you don't know what that message is, then I won't spell it out for you, but it rhymes with suck off.


I signed up for Mixi using an email account that a friend gave me. Does anyone know how to change one's email address?


This form of repression against users is not too special. The instant messengers ICQ and MSN also use it. I think Yahoo uses it, too. Most commercial firms do it, maybe they want to sell information gathered from the messages? Wondering about this, because free services as Jabber don't.

Most of the social networks are sort of strange. Closed places, away from the rest of the Internet. There should be some sort of public API to connect them together etc.


i need help conferming the mail i have a code or whatnot

ジョン チムペリオ 様


ジョン チムペリオ 様の仮登録を受け付けました。以下のURLをクリックして登録を



■登録した覚えがない方へ ..

mixi 運営事務局

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お問い合わせ: http://mixi.jp/inquiry.pl
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i cant seem to get the link to load even when i change my user agent to a japanese moble user agent it still whines about not being a cellphone

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