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November 04, 2007



Man that is so....something. I've wanted to see this since finding out about it, just since the still I'd seen made it look so 80's. Glad someone posted it. Now hopefully someone with more geek juice than I can capture and torrent it.


Oh, god, that was awful, and on the outer fringes of being unwatchable again. Maybe. It's SO 80s.

I think that's Fuyuki Shinada directing Briareos' suit design.

I like the little Briareos doll, too.


Man, that just hurt to watch. And to think that back in the day there were waaaay too many of us (myself included, probably) that would have thought this was the greatest thing since the metaphorical sliced bread...


Reminds me a lot of CAPTAIN POWER - only not as good....

James Leung Man-Fai

I've got to see that movie. I can't believe people are hating on it... without seeing it. I guess they're not Appleseed fans.


My God, that actress...it's like the result of a worldwide talent search for a girl who is almost but not completely UNLIKE Deunan...

Although, really, I wonder who you would cast in that role? It wouldn't be anyone with pronounced Asian features, so that half of the world is out. Maybe a light-skinned black girl...


"I've got to see that movie."

Just to clear up the confusion here and on other sites -- this isn't a preview for a longer film. It's a three-minute PR short created to promote the 1988 Appleseed anime OVA, with a fifteen-minute "making of" thrown in. As far as I'm aware, this is all that was ever made. I wonder where it was originally shown? In theaters, perhaps?

Mike D.

...And so begins my search to find this song >_>

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