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November 25, 2006


Carl Horn

I haven't heard that "SUPPLIES!" joke for years. It's up to us to pass it on to the next generation.

Well, as Mio would say, otack, otack, otack! And congratulations!

Steve Harrison

Hey, don't breathe too easy, they can still 'off' you, ya know. Who knows WHAT all goes on in that room!

Well, not sex, I mean..Otakus....

And being capped by an airsoft gun is no fun.

I do hope you guys are saving your drafts so you can publish them in English.

Say, does Figure Oh publish reader's letters? maybe you might cull any and let us in on what the fans in Japan are saying back to you...:)

Matt Alt

Thanks, guys!

Patrick and I are still deciding what to do with the original text. A lot needs to be changed during the localization process and cut to fit the word count limitations for print, so it'd be nice to get the full "transcripts" out sometime.


Just read it today. Interesting stuff, and definitely felt like your discussions were cut short to fit the one-page limit, but that's how printing press are. Looking forward to the next issue :)


*Eagerly anticipates the air shipment of Figure Oh 106*

then again, I'd have to spend another year of Nihongo classes before i can read the text without the use of a furigana dictionary.

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