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July 01, 2006



I think that Ex gokin getter models (here included the Black Getter) are the best diecast models ever

And I say this here for Professor Robo: if they ever produce a Grendizer ex Gokin, with a lot of diecast in it, I'll get TWO of them.

Mr Sato, you are the greatest!


I am excited to see Fewture has moved full-steam ahead on its Super Robot makeovers. I loved the conceptual design for the Mazinger AD 1901, but the execution was horrible (PVC = falls over easily & loose parts). I see the Getter Robo Ex Gokin series as a new hope.

Prof. Robo is not only a hardcore fan (one of us), but is modeling these with a fan's heart. Great designs combined with the 'functional' aspects.
(e.g. diecast vs pvc/abs) contributes greatly to a masterpiece. I strongly hope that Grendizer is reproduced as an Ex Gokin, I get excited just thinking of the possiblities.

Keep up the great work Mr. Sato! I look forward to your future works!


Excellent interview Matt, and thanks for sharing Taku. As someone that's very much in love with the original designs I won't be buying these toys, but I can definitely appreciate the love and effort that goes into them, as well as respect a company willing to try somethign radically different. That said if you ever do a Gaiking I may be very tempted.


Thanks. I'd love to see "the Professor's" take on other old-school robots as well, but I suppose it'll depend on how well the Getter trio does first!

Mr. Sato was a really down-to-earth guy and a very fun person to interview, and I'll make sure all of the comments I've seen here and on the ToyboxDX.com forums get back to him.

Tom Franck

Great interview. When I first saw the EX Gokin line, I was reminded of the XX series of super robot vinyl toys from 1990 or so. Those had added details that made the characters seem more like actually-constructed robots, but professor robo has taken the concept to another level. It's easy in theory to just "add detail" to super robots, but Taku Sato really has a gift for it. It isn't just detail for detail's sake, but really makes these 70s anime robots seem more functional.

Debira X1

Great. Simply great. Amazing.

Please make the Mazinger saga: Mazinger, Great Mazinger and Grendizer.


Best regards


Fewture's put up additional images of Getta 3, including the standing mode, here:


And the Japanese site "Toys and Models and Things" has a great photo-essay about Getta 1:



I'd heard that this guy had passed away a while back, so great to read an interview with him, thanks for sharing it. His work for Fewture is really incredible.


do u know where can i get it?I really want it

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